My mother and I got caught in the rain last night. Reallllllly wish I hadn’t shipped my umbrella. This was unlike any kind of rain I’ve seen. There was no slight sprinkling, no time to point out “Hey! I think it just might be raining.” No. Someone turned the rain on. One second no rain, next second it’s a deluge. I now know where the term “sheets of rain” comes from. The rain looked thick, if that makes any sense at all, and was coming down in perfectly straight drops.

The little shower storm didn’t last all that long so we didn’t get drenched. As we walked home from dinner, I started to hear a lot of strange noises. The kind of little noises that are probably caused by little creatures. Rustling I’m fine with. Geckos rustle. Cute little cottontail bunnies rustle. SQUEAKING on the other hand I am NOT fine with. I heard SQUEAKING and I started to freak out. Then I saw some bushes MOVE and something WAS KNOCKED OVER AND I’M PRETTY SURE A RAT DID IT. I screamed and ran for the front door of my apartment with my mother laughing behind me.

After the incident with the alleged rat, I was safely inside my apartment but the creature noises did not subside. I heard chirping and thought it to be crickets, until I realized the chirps were too random. Yup, it was frogs. Lots and lots of frogs. I am not used to frog noises. It was a little creepy. The last time I heard a frog, it was on the Pirates of the Caribbean ride at Disneyland which means the frogs only existed courtesy of Disney magic.

Now there is an unknown, sporadic beeping that sounds like it’s coming from downstairs. I’m pretty sure the apartment doesn’t have a doorbell and who would be trying to ring anyone’s doorbell at 6:30 in the morning? I think it might be coming from the hardware store…I shall find out soon.

Celina OUT.