This week has largely been about food. Where can I get it? What kind can I get? And most importantly, how much is it going to cost me? Here are the results of Operation Feed Celina.

Le Petit Corner Store

Location: 1643 34th St. NW

Walking time: Approximately 10 minutes each way

Features: Deli, cozy dining space (consisting of two tables) for breakfast or lunch, relatively inexpensive prices, random items imported from Turkey.

Celina’s Comments: It is very, very tiny with only two real aisles of food. One aisle is entirely dedicated to the Turkish groceries which is interesting, but not entirely practical.


Location: 1855 Wisconsin Ave NW

Walking time: Approximately 20 minutes each way

Features: Closed for renovation until March 2010

Celina’s Comments: BASTARDS

Sara’s Market

Location: 3008 Q St. NW

Walking time: Approximately 15 minutes each way

Features: Expensive produce but otherwise reasonable prices, an entire aisle dedicated to wine.

Celina’s Comments: They had tortillas, Cholula sauce, and nutella. Sara’s for the win!

Trader Joe’s

Location: 1101 25th St. NW

Walking time: Approximately 40 minutes each way

Features: Expensive food, epic lemonade, enjoyable feelings of pretension.

Celina’s Comments: It is just waaaaaay too far away to go there on a regular basis. I basically can’t get anything that’s perishable because it will, well, perish.

So it looks like I will be headed to Sara’s on the weekly with an occasional sojourn to Trader Joe’s for the orgasmic lemonade.