The allergies have evolved. My throat felt like it was closing up this afternoon. I am not exaggerating. It takes effort to swallow my own spit, let alone food. I went to the Student Health Center. I had to get x-rays. And now I’m on some kind of muscle relaxer/swelling reducer/magic happy pill.

One of four things has happened:

1.) I had an allergic reaction to the clover honey I’ve been putting in my tea this week.
2.) I have an upper respiratory infection.
3.) I have strep throat.
4.) I have mutant gene allergies. Allergies that would knock Wolverine on his ass and make him cry for his mama.
However, my new meds are working quite wonderfully. The doctor said they might alter my mood slightly. They made me to listen to the Backstreet Boys. And I want it that way.