There is a mouse in my house. Correction: there HAS BEEN a mouse in my house. I have been trying to get rid of him/her since week one.

I thought it was a shy thing. I thought its travels were limited to the pantry. Oh NO. In the last week, I have seen mouse “presents” in the pantry and the kitchen counter. Today, I lifted the trash bag to find a hole and an assortment of shredded crap on the bottom of the can.
We have bait traps. They are “humane,” or so the exterminator said to alleviate my former concern for the furry little abomination. The mouse should eat poison and dehydrate within a couple of hours. The traps have been here for two weeks. The exterminator came today and reported that the vermin has not touched the bait.
I no longer care if the process is “humane” or not. I just want to kill the little bastard.