Zoo pictures. FINALLY.

Destination: Smithsonian National Zoo, September 20, 2009

Attendants: Celina and Ashlea

The entrance

A cheetah!
A lazy cheetah!

A sloth bear! Bad picture (it was behind glass) but dig the claws

Sleeping panda
Panda eating icy thing

Elephants getting upset about something

This little one got sent to time out

Red panda (panda just means “bamboo eater)

A marmoset

A lemur (insert any Madagascar quote here)

A meerkat

A gorilla. Or so it would seem…

…then we saw the baby on her back. Two, two gorillas! Ah ah ah.

LOVE this picture

Giant, scary, terrifying fish thing

Monkey. No glass in this shot. Just air and the lens between him and me.

Let the eagle soooooooar!

Or not

Me and Ashlea

It’s over!