I love Pixar. Love love love the storytelling, love the animation.

But can we get a Pixar movie with a heroine, please? Not just a supporting character but the main PROTAGONIST. The person/anthropomorphized animal/talking toy at the center of the action.

Toy Story: Woody and Buzz

A Bug’s Life: Flik
Toy Story 2: Woody and Buzz (Jessie is minor and you KNOW it)
Monsters, Inc: Mike and Sulley
Finding Nemo: Marlin and Nemo (Dory has a supporting role)
The Incredibles: I am tempted to say they split the movie pretty evenly between Mr. Incredible and Elastigirl, but it’s more 60/40 or 55/45.
Cars: Lightning McQueen
Ratatouille: Remy and Linguini
Wall-E: Um…title character
Up: Carl and Russell. No, Keven the Ladybird doesn’t count.