(in no particular order)
  • Taylor Swift
  • Beyonce
  • Taylor Swift and Beyonce within 100 feet of each other
  • Kesha or Ke$ha or whatever the hell her name is
  • Silversun Pickups nominated as Best New Artist when Pikul came in 2005 and Carnavas (with “Lazy Eye”) was released in 2007
  • MGMT restricted solely to the Best New Artist Category. You couldn’t escape “Kids” last year and you didn’t want to.
  • The fact that some country group I’ve never heard of will probably take Best New Artist
  • The fact that Best New Artist is a joke category
  • 21st Century Breakdown nominated for Best Rock Album when we all know it was a bloated, ill-fated attempt to recapture that American Idiot magic
  • No nominations for Kayne. Say what you want about his Auto-Tune “singing,” the songs on 808s and Heartbreaks were some of the best written stuff last year.
  • No nominations for Jay-Z
  • Gaga got nods for “Poker Face” and not “Paparazzi”
  • I don’t feel like yelling at the TV if Black Eyed Peas win anything
If anyone posts a comment with the award results, I’m deleting it.