I didn’t watch the Opening Cermony of the Olympics so I missed the We Are The World 25 premiere. This is what YouTube is for. So I just watched it. Um. EPIC FAIL. Yes, I had to watch it a second time so I could type out everything I was thinking the first time around.

0:06: Why is Jamie Foxx doing the intro for this?
1:27: Aw, little kid dancing
1:31: Who is this little baby pop singer boy and why is he EVERYWHERE??
1:45: Seriously? Jennifer Hudson only gets four words?
2:27: Aw, they left in Michael Jackson’s part. With a creepy superimposed image of his sister.
2:36: Barbra Streisand. Classy.
2:49: NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO! Miley Cyrus. I’m done. I’m DONE. This has failed.
2:59: Ok, I decided to keep watching but I put her on mute.
3:24: Adam Levine. I am slightly pacified. But it’s not enough.
3:48: MJ followed by Usher. I approve.
4:04: Fergie. NO.
4:20: That’s a Jonas Brother. What the hell is going on here?
4:30: I don’t recognize half of these people in the chorus.
4:48: Lil Wayne on Auto-Tune. WHY AM I STILL WATCHING?
5:14: Akon and MORE Auto-Tune.
5:27: T-Paine and Auto-Tune! MAKE IT STOP MAKE IT STOP MAKE IT STOP!
5:49: Jamie Foxx doing his Ray Charles? Was that really necessary?
5:54: Uh, break it down? Hi LL.
6:36: More Jennifer Hudson. Good call.
6:59: Kanye! Auto-Tune free.
7:24: Go AWAY, will.i.am
7:58: Telling me where to donate. It’s OVER.
8:15: Oh, Lionel Ritchie. I’m sorry for what they did to your song.
8:32: Now it’s REALLY over.
This whole thing hurt my feelings. I feel guilty criticizing something that is for a good cause. But I think I’ll continue to give my money to Haiti through other outlets…