I really like cupcakes. I think I might like them more than I like shoes. I take pictures of particularly pretty cupcakes and send them to my mom. I bought a friend a cupcake-shaped birthday card and forgot to give it to her which I think I unconsciously did on purpose. One of my favorite parts of the movie “Bridesmaids” was when Kristen Wiig made a cupcake with a Jumanji-esque fondant flower. I was not happy when she ate it.

Seriously. I really like cupcakes. I “like” Georgetown Cupcakes on Facebook. They do this daily trivia question business and ship a dozen cupcakes to a randomly selected winner. I usually don’t know the answer to the trivia question. It usually has something to do with their reality show which I don’t watch. Forget the fact that I don’t own a functioning TV— I’m pretty sure the show isn’t a running loop of cupcake glamour shots, so why would I bother? Anyway, I never know the answer. So I wait to see what other people post. Then I copy them. Because I want a free dozen cupcakes shipped to me.
That’s not weird, right?