1.) I don’t understand Greek yogurt.
2.) I am a sucker for any wizard named Harry.
3.) Making The Lion King in 3D was entirely unnecessary.
4.) Always make sure to include a vegetarian option.
5.) Someone in my office is a light bulb thief.
6.) You have to keep bay leaves in pancake mix.
7.) I will pay an absurd amount of money for a cocktail if it has a glowstick in it.
8.) Hair is flammable. Really, really flammable.
9.) Snow White was a jewel thief and Cinderella lied about the fairy godmother thing.
10.) Demerol is AWESOME.
11.) Vicodin is AWESOME.
12.) Hospitals are NOT AWESOME.
13.) Trader Joe’s doesn’t carry pumpkin spice coffee after Halloween.
14.) There is no high like the feeling of soaring triumph when your team kicks ass in October.
15.) There is no low like the feeling of crushing defeat when your team crashes and burns in October.