I know I’ve been even more rant-y than usual these days. What makes it worse (better?) is that I’ve been rant-y about Very Serious Things, like the Occupy movement and civic engagement. I still whine about things like sub-par cupcakes but as fate would have it, I’ve had an abundance of fabulous desserts lately which makes me turn my attention to these Very Serious Things.

Now I like sugar but I don’t like to sugarcoat things. I will not back away from talking or writing about volatile and divisive issues. I will do my best to get my point across without being politically partisan or accusatory. If I say something that irks you, good. I want to hear what you have to say in response. I will ask that you make your best effort to keep your tone civil. As a society, we should be able to talk about these kinds of things without offending each other. We should be able to express our point of view, and what’s more, we should be able to LISTEN to those who disagree. It’s possible. It needs to be done. How else will we make any sort of progress? If we can’t at least talk, then how can we expect to take any course of action? Didn’t we learn about this kind of stuff back in our Sesame Street days? Oh, Sesame Street. I feel like we should have paid more attention to you.