Sometimes, I really wonder what goes on under that copper dome at the State Capitol. Truly, I wonder. I wonder what possesses a state legislator to say to himself, “You know what this state needs more than ANYTHING right now? An official gun. Yeah. That’s a great idea.” And thus, in 2011, Arizona was bequeathed with the Colt Single Action Army Revolver as the official firearm of the state. I have to assume they did this to make it that much easier for them to open the Devil’s Gate, breaking the first of the 66 seals which would free Lucifer from his cage and start the Apocalypse. Ha, no, they wouldn’t do that. That Colt was a special issue and has been missing since 2009…

(Note: When I mention public servants and the Apocalypse in the same breath, I am being FACETIOUS. Unlike some people who genuinely think the people they disgree with are literally destroying the country. But I digress.)

In all seriousness, why on earth was it necessary to vote on a state gun? Yes, it was voted on in the legislature. It wasn’t a special decree by the governor and it wasn’t something someone just decided to make official on a whim. This is a law, people. This means someone (Sen. Ron Gould, District 3) wrote and drafted a bill (SB 1610) to present to a Senate committee. The committee then deemed this bill relevant enough to proceed to the Senate floor, where it was debated with arguments both for and against, voted on and passed. It then went to the House, where it was debated again, voted on, and passed. It then went to Governor Jan Brewer, who signed it into law.

Is it just me or was this a massive waste of time and energy? Of all the things that went on in Arizona last year, this made it through the legislative process unscathed? This bill should have been killed in committee. I wish I could have been there for the debates. Did anyone propose an amendment to the bill, like suggest a Smith & Wesson as opposed to a Colt? Did anyone really try to oppose the bill at all? Or did they decide trying to stop something so pointless would be an even bigger waste of time and so they just rolled with the crazy? Usually, you can look up who made the arguments, the vote count tallies, and all that jazz but doesn’t have anything posted beyond 2009.


Anyway, I highly recommend that no matter where you live (and especially if you live in Arizona), stay up-to-date with your local government. Call and write when they are doing something you think is batty. They are responsible to us, you know. Make them remember that.