1. I put sugar on my plain Cheerios.
2. I inadvertently say things like “hey oh!” and “awesome” during meetings.
3. I don’t like pulp in my orange juice.
4. I am easily distracted by shiny things.
5. I quote song lyrics on Facebook.
6. Crunchy peanut butter grosses me out.
7. I skip. In public.
8. One of my favorite purses has pirate skulls all over it.
9. I have a Batman lunchbox.
10. I get cranky when I’m hungry.
11. I still think I would win “Legends of the Hidden Temple.”
12. I wanted to cry a little bit about four years ago when I found out that the original Power Rangers TV show consisted of scenes of American actors spliced with previously filmed Japanese action sequences.
13. I know way too much about Disneyland for someone who has never worked there.
14. My plastic Harry Potter wand holds a place of honor on my bookshelf.
15. I think cupcakes are the best thing ever.
16. Ice skating is scary and it hurts.
17. I have a large number of wildly irrational fears.
18. I don’t like to share.
19. I need more naps.
20. My default ringtone is from a video game.