Ok, with all civil discourse intended, will someone answer my latest question?

Why does Ann Romney watch Modern Family? Ok, I know why. It’s a great show: good writing, good acting, lots of heart, all that jazz. But it light of this statement from her husband, I can’t seem to reconcile her fandom with her political place as the wife of a Republican Presidential hopeful.

Mitt Romney: “As a society, I think we’re better off if we encourage the establishment of homes with a mother and a father.” Watch a clip with the quote here.

So, what’s going on with Ann? Either she has different views from her husband (and if so, good on ya, mate) which might get her in trouble right now, with the extra scrutiny of that whole election thing…or she agrees with him but lives vicariously through television. Yes, I know Modern Family a TV show. It’s fiction. It’s entertainment. But this isn’t Harry Potter, okay? Gay families, unlike Hungarian Horntail dragons, actually exist. You can’t safely enjoy watch gay men raising adopted children on TV and think to yourself “Oh, it’s fine. That doesn’t happen in real life.”